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The technology ecosystem that existed prior to our reorganization was antiquated, confusing and very time-consuming from a development, administration and maintenance standpoint. There were multiple properties isolated from each other, where a simple update required an individual change, build and production push to all.

We solved most of these problems by implementing a Wordpress boilerplate and globally accessible style guide to manage styles and feature updates. Every new feature request was available for use by each property on demand and the data was externalized as part of a custom built stage to production user flow.


Development team leadership and technical oversight; Programming; Account communication and documentation; Quality Assurance


HTML5, WordPress, CSS, Pattern Library, Global Stylesheets, .NET


The biggest challenge was managing and understanding all of the content and properties we needed to reorganize. Once we knew what we were working with, creating a development and management work flow was the biggest hurdle, but was ultimately the most fun.


Our new workflow no longer requires any tech time to update content and our global stylesheet new pushes out minor style revisions to all our different properties at the same time. We've also iterated on our framework multiple times and created a more robust boilerplate for current and future instances of our playbooks.

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