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Animation made directly in the browser!

What started out as an experiment exploring the animation and design capabilities of CSS3 turned into full-fledged animation tool powered solely by the browser. The end result was never intended at first, but as each feature was succesfully added, new ones were considered and completed.


Responsible for everything.


HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, GreenSock Tweening Librariesm, Parse Database


The entire project was challenging and full of unknowns. I wasn't sure if anything I was tryihng to acheive was even possible. Perhaps the biggest challenge was not having a clearly defined roadmap. As a result, there was a lot of recoding required to account for the lack of vision.


The UX proved to be the achilles heal. When this proof-of-concept was complete, I ended up being the only one who was really able to animate with it, and it wasn't easy. I have always considered this project to be a success as far as exploration and experimentation into what could be done solely in the browser. Now that I know what is possible and what doesn't work, I have plans to make another attempt at this project in the future.

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