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Photo Studio at IBM Think 2018

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Photo Studio

Watching people interact with your technology is one of my favorite things. In the best case scenario, they flow through your experience and hardly notice the technology at all. Sometimes the payoff even exceed your expectation.

For the IBM Think conference in 2018, we created an admin tool to register users for a private session within a Portrait Studio. We gathered their basic information and stored it along with a digital talent release form and a professional headshot. These assets were then displayed larger than life on a huge digital billboard in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

We worked closely with talent representing our client and company in a professional yet fun and stress-free environment. This was a true example of the creative and experience leading the technology.


Technology Architecture & Management; UX; On-site Training and Trouble Shooting; Quality Assurance


HTML5, CSS, NodeJS, SoftLayer, CloundantDB


Keeping this tool as simple as possible proved to be a key to its success. The UX and design were intentially uncomplicated to let the basic functionality shine. Working with the display vendor had a few hiccups, but ulitmately everything fell into place.


When the technology is working as expected, everyone has a good time. The experience was simple and lauded by everyone involved. The client was so pleased that we optimized and iterated the features of our code to do it again the following year in San Francisco.

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