Multiple Websites for Marriott

All the Marriott brands have their own personality. They each wanted to showcase this uniqueness while bringing online booking and location services to the forefront.

My agency's relationship with Marriott has spanned many years, and during this time our team designed responsive websites that scaled as each brand's partnerships and features grew. These sites use a central, custom API to handle the properties for all the brands. User input and a custom Google Map implementation were integrated with Marriott's central booking tool.


Development team leadership and technical oversight; Programming; Client communication and documentation; Quality Assurance; ADA Compliance


HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, JSON, PHP, Handlebars, YouTube, Google Maps, Custom API


Each site showcased a feature to make sure each it was as unique as the brand. Integrating these third party applications and libraries, while maintaining a strict 508 ADA Compliance rating was always a challenge


These sites have proven to be a great success in terms of increased booking rates, revenue and search results. Additionally, time-on-site and bounce-rate both showed double digit improvements. To date there have been five interations of the site and all have been constantly maintained and updated.