Mr Muscle

A Smart Bottle for Cleaning Equality

Case Study Video

How do you make sure that everybody is doing their part when it comes to cleaning up? Our team presented SC Johnson with a fun IoT product that would gamify cleanup and help to promote the idea of ‘cleaning equality’ by locking out family members who were attempting to clean more than their fair share.
Overseeing the teams charged with the creation of a SmartBottle, we created a NodeJS API to support multiple Arduino based devices, an admin-driven, front-end dashboard to keep score and manage gameplay, and the coordination of 3D printing a custom model which housed the electronic components and functioning bottle.


Development team leadership and technical oversight; Gameplay considerations; Third Party Vendor Coordination; Quality Assurance


HTML5, NodeJS, CSS, IoT, Custom API, Arduino, 3D Printing


Aside from the finessing the 3D print to correctly house all the electrical components, the biggest challenge stemmed from the activation launching in Argentina. We were required to trouble shoot the technical limitations of working with and supporting a live activation in an underdeveloped country.


It is a fun, quirky idea that people have reacted positively to. The success of the initiative has been confirmed by repeat activations in multiple global markets that SC Johnson supports.

The Smart Bottle