Push the Button

Internet of Things Experiments

Push the Button

What could be easier than pushing a button? I wanted my team to find out by creating all the components necessary to launch a project meant to foster teamwork, competition and collaboration within our agency.

Developing everything from propaganda and marketing materials to logo design and game logic, we sought a project that would be both achievable and worth-while. We coupled the hardware of the physical button with a website that tracked the user data and defined milestones throughout the day.

Using nexus tablets we created selfie cameras to capture some of the action and playfulness of our game. Our employees and visiting clients were greeted by the best of these pictures every week on the screen in our lobby.


Original inspiration; Team leadership and direction; Art Direction; Programming and Hardware; Website Development; Technology Research; Quality Assurance; On-going maintenance and enhancements


Particle Photon, C++, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Firebase Database, PHP


We began knowing very little about this type of project, yet met every challenge with careful research, while utilizing the hardware and resources we had at our disposal.


Garnering over 10,000 button pushes in 6-weeks, this experiment inspired and entertained our entire office. It encouraged collaboration and as a result we made multiple updates and enhancements based on user suggestion. The overall sentiment was that the idea was smart, cool and fun. By those standards, in addition to the knowledge and comradery it fostered in my team, Push the Button was a huge success!

Will you push the button?

Track your teams score on the website

Eastside Gridlox vs. Westside Trackfires

Propoganda posters

Thousands of selfies!!

Which side will you stand on?